Pakistani Drone Intrusion Attempts Along Poonch LOC Successfully Thwarted by Indian Army

Foreign Affairs

Poonch: Indian Army successfully thwarted an intrusion attempt of five Pakistani drones in the Balnoi and Gulpur areas of Poonch district, Jammu, along the Line of Control. Upon detection of the suspicious drones, the Indian Army responded with gunfire, forcing the drones to retreat to the Pakistani side.

According to officials,  two consecutive drone intrusion attempts were made in the Chakkan da Bagh area of Poonch along the Line of Control. The Indian Army promptly engaged in gunfire, compelling the drones to retreat. As per the sources, three attempts were made in Balnoi area of Mendhar in Poonch and other two attempts were made in Gulpur area of Poonch early this morning.

Army officials have also confirmed multiple incidents near the Line of Control, stating that intrusion attempts were successfully thwarted by the troops. The searches are being conducted in the area to eliminate the possibility of weapons or narcotics being dropped by these drones.

This incident followed a similar event on February 11, when Indian Army troops successfully thwarted a drone intrusion attempt by Pakistan near the Line of Control in Poonch district, specifically in the Mankote area of the Mendhar sector. Upon detection of the Pakistani drone, multiple rounds were fired, compelling the drone to retreat to the Pakistani side. Pakistan is using drones to drop narcotics and weapons in Jammu and Kashmir.