Creomagic Awarded Significant Contract for Providing Lightweight Tactical K9 Systems

By Arie Egozi


Tel Aviv: Israeli technology will enhance the efficiency of using trained dogs in anti-terror and military operations.


Trained dogs are integrated more and more in special anti-terror units. In Israel, the anti-terror unit uses these dogs in almost every operation in the west bank .

Israeli company Creomagic has been awarded a significant contract by an undisclosed Tier-1 defence customer to provide lightweight tactical video and communication kits tailored for K9 operations. The contract is estimated at hundreds of units worth several millions of US Dollars.


The new K9 systems will enable live video and voice transmission from K9 dogs to their human handlers and team leaders, ensuring uninterrupted near-real-time footage and voice in hostage release situations, search and rescue missions and other complex operational scenarios.

Photo Credit: IDF

The contract is a result of a competitive test campaign conducted in various operational settings, ranging from private houses and public buildings to city markets, forestry, basements, and mountainous areas. Throughout these tests, Creomagic’s communication systems demonstrated low latency video transmission, telemetry and voice commands.

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“K9 dogs play an invaluable role in military, law enforcement, and rescue units worldwide, often operating in environments that are inaccessible to human operators,” noted Alex Shapochnik, CEO of Creomagic.

“During these missions, our communication systems need to meet not only the highest performance requirements but also to provide comfort and ergonomic functionality for the dogs. Most importantly, we are proud to help our customers save lives,” added Alex Shapochnik.