Indian Muslims1

Indian Muslims are Against Zionism not Judaism

The recent anti-Muslim sentiments, expressed mostly on various social media platforms globally by blind followers of the right-wing ideology, and in some cases publicly also by right-wing Hindu priests in […]

Israel-Hamas war4

Tectonic Shifts in Middle Eastern Geopolitics

International politics, according to the realist perspective is in a state of perennial tumult, thanks to the absence of a ‘Leviathan’, to quote Thomas Hobbes. This idea applies to almost […]


Why Israel Has More Enemies than Friends?

Israel is a geopolitical time bomb with more enemies than friends. Israel is a small country surrounded by many big, powerful and hostile enemies. Immediately after the declaration of independence […]

Hamas Attack1

Hamas Attack: Stunning Lessons!

The above statement of the Prime Minister of Israel indicates how badly Israel was outsmarted and surprised by the Hamas terrorist attack in the early hours of October 7, 2023. […]