China with Sri Lanka

Beijing’s Tightening Grip on Sri Lanka

On October 15, 2023, the ferry service between India and Sri Lanka was resumed after a gap of 40 years. From the early 1900s to 1982, the Indo-Ceylon Express ran […]

The BRI Forum

Beijing’s Desperate Push to Resurrect BRI

The BRI Forum: As the representatives of various countries reached Beijing to attend the 3rd Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) forum on October 17-18, 2023, China was desperately looking to consolidate […]


Is India Ready to Stop Malice-Driven Dragon?

China is at war with us. This statement may shock some because the general hierarchical understanding of war is confined to conventional war. But the character of war turned hybrid […]


India’s South East Asia Policy

The G20 New Delhi Summit in early September was in fact a global brand and image making exercise for the Government of India. An exercise in which the Prime Minister […]


The Game Changer Called IMEC

Diplomacy is all about new changes. It is solution-oriented and is a manifestation of the positive aspects of human nature. In the context of global geopolitics, it aims, at least […]

Geopolitics of War in Ukraine: Implications for India

The current global environment reflects dynamic and transformational geopolitical factors that portend the rise of a new world order in the not-too-distant future. India, by virtue of its economic growth, […]

Checkmating China’s Shenanigans

“Parvane ko nahi pata ki jis shamaa se who lipat raha hai, wahi usko jalaa kar raakh kar degi.” Have you heard of this famous Bollywood line about fatal attraction […]

India at Strategic Crossroads

The three pillars of hard power are the Economy, Diplomacy and Armed Forces. The Economy is in doldrums. The Diplomacy is enfeebled. The Armed Forces are aged. Overall, India needs […]