IAF Gets Boost with Second “Netra” AEW and CS

New Delhi: India’s air power got a big boost with the Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) handing over the second Netra Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AEW&CS) system to […]

Swarms of Drones Could Target Terrorist Camps

New Delhi. It may sound like science fiction but In a decade from now, swarms of unmanned Indian-made drones entering enemy airspace, flying autonomously to their target and using advanced […]


Balakot Exposes Pakistan’s Nuke Bluff

EVER since Pakistan conducted the nuclear tests, it has been teasing India with the threat of using the nukes, just as madman would do. The strategic deterrence posture of Pakistan […]


A Rebuttal to Spice Miss Theories at Balakot

  The articles ‘New High Res Satellite Imagery Suggests Balakot Airstrike a ‘Precise Miss’’[1]and ‘Were India’s airstrikes in Pakistan a strategy for public approval’? by a set of researchers from […]


Cross Roads Beyond Balakot

Dawn – Seventeen years after first banning militant groups, Pakistan is once again at a crossroads. (https://www.dawn.com/news/1468717/renewed-campaign) If in seventeen years a nation does not know that it took a […]


The long haul after Balakot

PURANA PAKISTAN HANGS PRIME MINISTER NAYA PAKISTAN PROTECTS TERRORISTS AND JAILS PRIME MINISTER! The high-profile aerial exchanges between us and the Deep State are over. Some de-escalation has taken place. […]


The Post Balakot Review

Welcome home Wing Commander Abhinanadan. Well done. You flew into the Valley of Death and survived. India is proud. Sincere condolences to Air Marshal Waseem Ud Din on the loss […]


The Balakot Fallout- An Analysis

Well begun is half done. One emotion which integrates all Pakistanis is hatred for India. Pakistani Army practices exhibition of rationality-irrationality. That is on display. The other half won’t be […]