Shaping India’s Tech Horizon

Rohde & Schwarz, a global leader in test and measurement solutions, is making significant strides in India with recent expansions and strategic initiatives. From fortifying its facilities to venturing into defence projects, the company isn’t merely keeping pace; it’s setting the agenda for future advancements

By Ajit Kumar Thakur

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As a leading supplier of solutions in the fields of test and measurement, broadcasting, radio monitoring, and radio location, including mission-critical radio communications, Rohde & Schwarz is a global leader. The company’s legacy of more than nine decades has helped it achieve a dominating global presence in 70 countries.

Rohde & Schwarz India (RS India) having facilities in New Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, with a network of channel partners & resident engineers, has been providing outstanding sales, service, and support to its customers. It has invested extensively to increase local support capability and provide a fully automated calibration facility to its esteemed customers.

Recently Rohde & Schwarz further strengthened its presence in India with one more state-of-the-art facility at New Delhi, key focus on value added services, Research & Development, Learning & Experience Centre. The facility also includes a repairs and calibrations lab for communication and surveillance systems.

Expansion Plans and Local Engagement

During the press meet organised by Rohde & Schwarz India, Dr Luis Alejandro Orellano, Executive Vice President -Technology Systems Division said “Rohde & Schwarz is high-tech engineering company. Therefore, engineering is in our DNA, and we can claim to have one of the best technologies wherever we are and in whichever field we are present. The company reinvests a lot in new R&D, it is nearly 20% of its annual budget right now” said. “We have the best employee retention rate as we have a really nice corporate culture. Even during the pandemic, the company honoured all contractual obligations, delivered every contract despite the global supply chain challenges,” he added.

Highlighting the Company’s contributions to Indian market, Yatish Mohan, Managing Director, Rohde & Schwarz India, said, “During the last three decades in India, we have successfully done various projects in India directly and through partnerships.  All our valuable customers keep highest level of satisfaction, happy with strong local support & long-term commitment”

In the next 10 years, Rohde & Schwarz expects more than double growth in India. The company expressed intentions of manufacturing in India when there is a strong & sizable demand.

“We provide information superiority, protect platforms and our networked solutions bring the right information in quick time to make the right decision. We have complete solutions available for security, to secure networks for both government and commercial,” shared Ralf Watamaniuk, Vice President – Sales and Marketing, Rohde & Schwarz and also a director in R&S India’s board.

“In Asia-Pacific, India is our most interesting market,” said Ralf. In the last calendar year, with a workforce of more than 200 in R&D and 350 overall, the company crossed €100 million in business in India. In the year 2022, the company established a Systems company as Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSME) which provides customized test solutions using standard Rohde & Schwarz products as well as third-party products.

Diverse Business Divisions

Rohde & Schwarz has four main business divisions – Test & Measurement, Aerospace Defence Security, Broadcast & Media, and Cybersecurity & Networks. The R&D team is currently working on reduced capability and 6G technologies. The company has recently acquired Zurich instruments to delve into quantum computing.

During the press meet organised by Rohde & Schwarz India, the company also showcased Milli Meter Wave Full Body Scanner to detect objects over the skin under clothing. The equipment is certified by TSA & ECAC for airport application. It can detect metallic & non-metallic objects including explosives with imaging technique. R&S Full Body Scanner is already operational at Terminal 2 of Bengaluru airport.

In a freewheeling conversation with Raksha Anirveda, R&S team provided in-depth insights into the company’s future strategy and initiatives to expand its global footprint including India.

 Future Solutions and Market Penetration

“Innovative radios with security-by-design architecture, quality assurance enhanced with patented loopback monitoring, reliable identification, and localisation of calling aircraft on the radar screen, drone-based T&M equipment for high-precision analysis of Ground Based Augmentation System (GBAS) during ground and flight operations positions Rohde & Schwarz as a trendsetter in futuristic air communications,” added Ralf.

“As Rohde & Schwarz builds products for the world market as per the varied requirements of experienced customers, they don’t need to be developed further. All they need is customisation with speed, including security of supply, to get readily embraced by the user,” commented Ralf.

On a concluding note, Yatish Mohan stated that Indian procurement process needs to calibrate its indigenous product/local content classifications more uniformly – be it for defence or civil applications in order to establish a level playing field for all stakeholders and make the ‘Make in India’ for the World a real success story.

Alejandro said that Indo-German defence and technology partnership is witnessing a renewed momentum and is all poised to grow further in strength. He pointed out that Rohde & Schwarz’s focus is on strengthening its R&D team in India, and special outreach initiatives involving academia are being undertaken. The company takes pride in the work it has done with the Indian Navy in the recent past with respect to integrated communication systems.

In wrapping up, the latest moves of Rohde & Schwarz in India, from beefing up their facilities to diving into defence projects, show the company is not just talking the talk; they’re delivering, even in the midst of supply chain chaos. With its eyes set on future tech like 6G nd quantum computing, it is not just keeping up; it setting the pace, driving full throttle into the future, and we’re all along for the ride.