Rosoboronexport to Present Russian Counter-PGM Systems at ARMY 2023 Forum

Defence Industry

Moscow. Rosoboronexport JSC (part of Rostec State Corporation) will showcase highly effective Counter Precision Guided Munition (Counter-PGM) systems developed and produced by Russian defense industry to guests and visitors of the ARMY 2023 Forum.


“The experience of military conflicts shows a rapidly growing trend towards the use of land-,
air- and sea-based precision guided munitions. With their stealthy signature, ability to maneuver and penetrate various air defenses, smart missiles and bombs can inflict significant damage on military, economic, and infrastructure facilities. Russian defense companies have developed and produce high-tech systems able to counter the most advanced PGMs. Their effectiveness has been proven in real combat conditions,”- says Rosoboronexport Director General Alexander Mikheev. “Rosoboronexport presents a wide range of export versions of Russian systems designed both to destroy and completely disable PGMs. Their combined use provides reliable protection of military and civilian facilities against any current and emerging weapons. The company is ready, in the framework of technology cooperation, to jointly develop and produce new models with partners, given high competence of Russian enterprises.”

In the segment of Counter-PGM electronic warfare systems, common jamming modules of the Pole-21E electronic countermeasures (ECM) system designed to protect strategic assets and infrastructure against pinpoint strikes by PGMs, as well as the R-330Zh automated satellite communication/navigation ECM system are in high demand.

These systems can effectively protect the covered facilities from single and massive strikes by any precision guided conventional-warhead weapons fitted with various guidance systems, including when the enemy intensely deploys countermeasures.

big bang

They are capable to jam navigation equipment of precision guided weapons and prevent the guidance of its submunitions in the designated area, as well as inform the covered facilities. The systems can be controlled remotely and operate in a stand-alone automated mode.


Almaz-Antey Corporation’s Viking, Buk-M2E, and Tor SAM systems are capable to effectively engage precision guided munitions and optimal among those presented by Rosoboronexport in the world market. The Pantsir-S1 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun/missile system and its upgraded version, the Pantsir-S1M, produced by High Precision Systems, a Rostec subsidiary, is equally effective against PGMs.

Rosoboronexport and manufacturers are ready to hold presentations of Counter-PGM systems on the sidelines of the ARMY 2023 International Military-Technical Forum, which will be held from August 14 to 20 at the Patriot Convention and Exhibition Center of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Interested partners will be provided with the necessary information about the performance characteristics, features and experience of using the weapons exhibited as well as told about their competitive advantages in the global market.