Garuda Aerospace and GSFC University Signs Historical Partnership to Advance Aerospace Entrepreneurship, Research and Innovation

Historic strategic partnership to foster cutting-edge aerospace developments and educational excellence

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Vadodara: Garuda Aerospace, a leading innovator in the aerospace sector, has entered into a landmark memorandum of understanding (MoU) with GSFC University, aimed at propelling advancements in aerospace research and fostering educational excellence. This pivotal agreement was signed by Dr Vijayakumar Rajarathinam, Chief Operating Officer of Garuda Aerospace, and Bimal Bhayani, Advisor at GSFC University, in the esteemed presence of P K Taneja, IAS (retd), President of GSFC University, and Pujan Vaishnav, Director – Vice President (R&D) at Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd.


The MoU symbolises a strategic alliance poised to enhance research capabilities and innovation in the aerospace field. This collaboration will leverage the combined expertise of Garuda Aerospace and GSFC University to drive forward new technologies, foster practical learning experiences, and bridge the gap between academia and industry.

Dr Vijayakumar Rajarathinam emphasised the importance of this partnership, stating, “This MoU marks a significant milestone in our commitment to advancing aerospace technologies. By joining forces with GSFC University, we aim to cultivate a robust ecosystem that supports innovative research, practical applications, and skill development for the next generation of aerospace professionals.”


The agreement encompasses a broad spectrum of initiatives, including joint research projects, student internships, faculty exchange programs, and collaborative workshops. These initiatives are designed to provide students with hands-on experience and exposure to the latest industry trends, while also facilitating knowledge transfer between the academic and industrial realms.

Bimal Bhayani, Advisor at GSFC University, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “Partnering with Garuda Aerospace will greatly enrich our academic programs and provide our students with invaluable insights into the aerospace industry. This collaboration aligns with our mission to offer world-class education and research opportunities.”

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The signing ceremony, held at GSFC University’s state-of-the-art campus, was a momentous occasion graced by key dignitaries.

P K Taneja, IAS (retd), highlighted the significance of this collaboration in his address, “This MoU signifies a transformative step towards strengthening our research capabilities and enhancing the practical learning environment for our students. We are excited to embark on this journey with Garuda Aerospace.”


Pujan Vaishnav, Director – Vice President (R&D) at Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd, also shared his insights, “This partnership is a testament to our commitment to fostering innovation and supporting the academic community. We look forward to the groundbreaking developments that will emerge from this collaboration.”

Future Prospects and Impact

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This MoU is set to catalyse numerous benefits, including the development of cutting-edge aerospace technologies, enhanced research output, and a more industry-ready workforce. It underscores the mutual dedication of Garuda Aerospace and GSFC University to driving progress and excellence in the aerospace sector.

As part of the MoU, both organisations will work closely to identify and address key challenges in aerospace, ensuring that their combined efforts lead to impactful advancements and solutions.