Raghu Vamsi Machine Tools Launches First of its Kind Indigenous Micro Turbojet Engine – INDRA RV25:240N

Defence Industry

New Delhi: The launch of fully indigenous Micro Turbojet Engine “INDRA RV25: 240N” by Hyderabad based Raghu Vamsi Machine Tools Private Limited (RVMT) signifies a remarkable achievement for India’s aerospace sector.

Raghu Vamsi Machine Tools is a leading player in the aerospace and Defence industry. The launch was done in the presence of Dr G Satheesh Reddy, President Aeronautical Society of India, Former Scientific Advisor to Defence Minister and former Chairman DRDO. He witnessed the live testing of the engine at RVMT Hyderabad facility and formally inaugurated the assembly and test lab.

In alignment with the Aatmanirbhar Bharat, RVMT demonstrated its commitment to innovation, self-sufficiency, and technological prowess. The development of the indigenous Micro Turbojet Engine, first of its kind in India; underscores companies’ capability to design, manufacture and deploy cutting-edge aerospace and defence technologies on a global scale.

The fully indigenous Micro Turbojet Engine “INDRA RV25: 240N” boasts of indigenous design and development as it has been engineered entirely in India by RVMT team of skilled engineers and supported by IIT, Hyderabad it showcases great potential of Industry-Academia partnership. By reducing reliance on imported technologies, components, and expertise, the Micro Turbojet Engine contributes to India’s goal of achieving self-sufficiency in critical sectors, bolstering national security and economic resilience. Moreover, the launch of the indigenous Micro Turbojet Engine not only drives technological innovation but also stimulates the growth of the domestic aerospace and defence manufacturing ecosystem, creating jobs and fostering economic growth.

“We are proud to unveil our fully indigenous Micro Turbojet Engine, a testament of India’s ingenuity and determination to become a global hub for aerospace innovation,” Vamsi Vikas, MD – RVMT, said.

“This development is a testament to our capabilities to design and build mission-critical products and solutions for the Aerospace and Defence sector. Indigenous development of cutting- edge technologies like these will make India self-reliant and emerge as an export hub of critical military products and solutions,” said Arvind Mishra, Group COO – Raghu Vamsi Group.

“This success will pave the way for us to build an entire suite of micro turbo jet engines up to 100 kgf for use in UAVs, missile propulsion, Auxiliary power units and range extenders amongst myriads of other opportunities,” he added.