Pursuit of Critical Technologies is to Safeguard National Interest says Top Official

Indian Army

New Delhi.The pursuit of advancement in critical technologies is to safeguard the country’s national interest and not dominate others said the country’s top bureaucrat.


Addressing the 41st Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) here, Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister, P.K. Mishra said India should not just be content with developing technologies and their applications, but must aspire to make India a global leader and an important stakeholder in the new international protocols.

He suggested three ‘R’s — requirement, resources and relevance — as key factors in determining the country’s quest for advancement in emerging technologies.


“Our requirement is to seek advancement in key technologies of future to safeguard our national interest in a constantly evolving geopolitical arena and ensure socio-economic progress through application of such technologies. Our pursuit of technological advancement is not for exerting influence or dominating others but to make it a level-playing field,” he said.

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The top bureaucrat emphasised on the need to develop a strong understanding as well as insight in technological changes and anticipate focus areas in order to first gain, and then maintain, a competitive edge.

This is critical not just for geopolitical and national security reasons, but also to ensure that the country sits at the high table in global dialogues and initiatives in the field of innovation as well as trade and commerce, Mishra said.