Numerous Attacks by Houthi-Iranian Militia in Yemen Thwarted, Claim Saudi-led Arab Coalition


Foreign Affairs

Tel Aviv: The Saudi-led Arab coalition fighting Houthi-Iranian activity in Yemen recently claimed that in the past two years coalition forces had thwarted more than 100 attacks by Iranian remotely controlled boats carrying explosives.


The Coalition forces also said they had detected and defused hundreds of naval mines, also made in Iran that the Houthi militia, which receives its operational instructions directly from Iran and Hezbollah, had scattered north of Bab al-Mandab at the mouth of the Red Sea.

The Arab coalition forces, aided by the Americans and the countries on the shores of the Red Sea, which see themselves harmed by the combined activities of the Houthis and Iranians and Hezbollah, conduct intensive intelligence gathering and monitored the maritime terrorist activity.


The Houthi rebels use the Alsaif port as their main base for maritime terror activities.

Sources say that the entire area has been under continuous surveillance by intelligence agencies in this area for a long time, and through observation satellites and in this way almost most terror attacks were thwarted.

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The coalition army spokesman reported that some days ago Saudi fighter jets attacked the port of Alsaif and destroyed weapons and ammunition depots and 4 boats carrying explosive that were ready for attack.