Lithuania Selects MKU for Supplying Ballistic Helmets to Enhance Border Security

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New Delhi: Concerned about its security in the changing world situations, Lithuania as part of its commitment to strengthen its border protection has chosen MKU, a leading provider of advanced defence solutions as the supplier of tactical ballistic helmets.


Adapting to these security changes, Lithuania is readying itself taking note of various possibilities, including hostile migrant infiltrations, cross-border incidents, and recent airspace breaches. To boost security, they are even considering temporarily closing some border crossings. Working closely with Lithuania’s State Border Guard Services, MKU aims to enhance Lithuania’s border defences against increasing threats and potential problems.

Lithuania, located between Poland and Latvia, considers border security vital, given its position as a frontier of both the European Union and NATO.


According to Neeraj Gupta, Managing Director of MKU, “Our collaboration with Lithuania means a lot more than just a partnership. It represents a significant step forward in border security. Our advanced helmets provide top-notch ballistic protection while ensuring wearer comfort, making them ideal for border guard services. This partnership signifies a common goal: Lithuania and MKU working together to fortify the nation’s borders and set new standards in advanced defence solutions.”

MKU’s  tactical ballistic helmets provide advanced ballistic protection and are designed to withstand evolving ballistic threats. Its twistfit stability harness ensures stability during high-pressure tactical manoeuvres.

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In order to provide enhanced comfort, the components in contact with the body are soft, non-abrasive, and non-irritating. Designed for various scenarios encountered by border guards, the tactical ballistic helmets provide comprehensive threat response.

At the recently concluded DSEI 2023, the Kanpur based MKU made a significant impact .The event coincided with the UK and India strengthening their defence cooperation. With a history of innovation and a reputation for pushing boundaries, MKU has introduced a range of cutting-edge products that redefine protection and empowerment. For example, the KAVRO HCH-114 T, an ultra-lightweight helmet, offers unmatched agility and protection for marines. The KAVRO ACH-1027 T guarantees top-tier safety against high-energy threats. Their optronics solutions, like the NETRO NM-3200 Night Vision Monocular and the NETRO TW-4100 Thermal Weapon Sight, empower forces with heightened situational awareness and target acquisition capabilities.