Israel’s Defence Exports on Rise, Witnesses about 15% Increase

Defence Industry

Tel Aviv. In 2020 Israeli defence exports agreements totalled $8.302 billion. This is the second highest figure ever reached and signifies an increase of about 15% in exports in comparison to the previous year ($1 billion more than in 2019).

Significant tiers of defense exports in 2020: Radars and EW (16%), ammunition and armament (16%), manned aircraft and avionics (13%), observation and optronics (13%), missiles, rockets, and air defense systems (10%), weapon stations and launchers (8%), C4I and communication systems (8%), drone systems and UAVs (6%), intelligence, information and cyber systems (5%), vehicles and APCs (3%), services and other (2%).

Statistics by geographic distribution: Asia and the Pacific region (44%), Europe (30%), North America (20%), Africa (4%), Latin America (2%).

Distribution of agreements by financial scope: Over $100 million (25%), between $50-100 million (20%), between $10-50 million (26%), up to $10 million (29%).

Head of SIBAT, Brig. Gen. (Res.), Yair Kulas commented, “An increase in defense exports at the height of the global pandemic is a significant achievement. It is attributed first and foremost to the excellence of Israel’s defense industries and to their expertise – a result of their intimate understanding of military needs through the IDF. SIBAT will continue to do what is necessary to support Israeli industries, as well as to deepen and expand Israel’s cooperation with our partners around the world.”

SIBAT is the department in the Israeli ministry of defence in charge of the defence exports.