In a First, Israel’s Arrow System Intercepts Long Range Ballistic Missile Launched by Houthi Rebels from Yemen

By Arie Egozi


Tel Aviv: An Israeli Arrow system intercepted a long range ballistic missile launched on October 31 from Yemen by the Houthi rebels, Iran’s proxy. It was the first use of the Arrow against a long range ballistic missile.

Israeli sources said that the Houthis launched two cruise missiles and one ballistic missile. This missile assumed a trajectory that posed a threat to Israel and that was why the Arrow was used. The two cruise missiles were intercepted “by other systems”.

On October 31, the Israeli sensors detected the missile over the Red Sea and an Arrow intercepted was launched and intercepted the missile. It was the first time the Arrow systems was used since the beginning of the war with the Hamas in Gaza, another Iran proxy.

The Houthi rebels are have been using Iranian made armed drones and cruise missiles mainly against Saudi Arabia.

Israel defence sources said that the Iranian space program is directly connected to its long range ballistic missiles program and should be an issue of big concern like this country’s nuclear program.

Israel has realised the ballistic missiles threat and has developed the Arrow interceptors. While the Arrow 2 and 3 are operational, the newly Iranian  developed ballistic missiles call for improved versions. So now Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is developing the Arrow-4 . The Arrow-4 will have winglets because it is designed to intercept inside the atmosphere. There was no official explanation of that capability.

The Arrow systems, part of Israel’s multi-tiered air defence systems, comprises of the Iron Dome and David’s Sling made by Rafael and the Arrow made by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Germany has recently signed a contract to purchase the Arrow-3 systems from Israel.