Ghaza war

Exploring Harmony in Chaos

The pursuit of power and the quest to foster peaceful coexistence within humanity fundamentally run parallel, rarely converging. The geopolitical shift from the West to the East has become a […]

South African Solidarity with Palestinians

South African Solidarity with Palestinians

After October 7, following Hamas’s unprecedented surprise attack on Israel, much of the international community rushed to voice its concern about the escalation in tensions, but few took a moment […]

israel-hamas conflict

From Tunnels to Tranquillity

In the Israel-Hamas conflict, the dynamics of time, space, force, and information operational factors introduce unprecedented complexities. The unique challenges posed by the ‘Gaza Metro’ and tunnel warfare shed light […]

Ghaza war 2

Charting the Course to Peace in Gaza

Amid the tragic events unfolding in Gaza, the world watches with concern as the Hamas-Israel war takes a toll on both human lives and the stability of the region. The […]

Indian Muslims1

Indian Muslims are Against Zionism not Judaism

The recent anti-Muslim sentiments, expressed mostly on various social media platforms globally by blind followers of the right-wing ideology, and in some cases publicly also by right-wing Hindu priests in […]

Israel-Hamas war5

Decoding Why Israelis Are Fleeing Israel

As the conflict between the Israeli government and Hamas enters the 30th day, as per the official figures released on 5th November by the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) […]

Israel-Hamas war4

Tectonic Shifts in Middle Eastern Geopolitics

International politics, according to the realist perspective is in a state of perennial tumult, thanks to the absence of a ‘Leviathan’, to quote Thomas Hobbes. This idea applies to almost […]