Israel, US Conduct Joint Simulation Exercise to Defend Against Ballistic Threats

By Arie Egozi


Ballistic-ThreatsTel Aviv: The Israel Missile Defence Organisation (IMDO) in the DDR&D, together with the US Missile Defence Agency (MDA), the Israeli Air Defence Array, and the US Air and Missile Defence Task Force carried out a joint simulation exercise to defend against ballistic threats targeting Israel.

The simulation included the Arrow 3 that Germany recently decided to purchase from Israel.

The exercise took place in the Elbit Systems Israeli Test Bed (ITB), a laboratory capable of simulating both Israeli and American air defence systems in one shared space. It also has the capability to display and record real-time data, facilitating comprehensive debriefings of the scenarios.

During the simulation training exercise, the Israeli forces operated the Arrow, David’s Sling, Patriot and Iron Dome air and missile defence systems. The American forces operated the Patriot, AEGIS, and THAAD systems.

According to the Israeli ministry of defence, this joint simulation training exercise continues the tradition of excellent cooperation between the armed forces of both countries, aiming to enhance soldiers’ proficiency in tactics, techniques, and procedures, while strengthening coordination between the forces.