Israel Aerospace Industries Unveils New Long-Range Air Launched Ballistic Missile

AIR LORA is an effective deep Stand-Off air to ground missile system with quick, all-weather, and highly accurate attack capabilities. AIR LORA is flexible to target location changes and can define a new target location during the airborne mission flight

By Arie Egozi


Tel Aviv: Israel Aerospace Industries has displayed its new Deep Stand-off  long-range air launched ballistic missile named AIR LORA. The new missile can be launched from fighters and bombers and demonstrated its game changing capabilities in a fire test launched from F16.


As a member of the LORA family, the AIR LORA is a long-range, Air to Ground Missile (AGM) developed for strike missions against high-quality and well-protected targets such as command centres, air force bases, infrastructure, and Naval Vessels in dense littorals.

With a robust warhead of various types, AIR LORA enables Air Forces to strike enemy targets from far distances outside the reach of the Enemy Air Missile Defence (AMD). It features high survivability with advanced immune INS/GNSS Navigation and strong Anti-Jamming capabilities, allowing for 24/7 operation in extreme weather conditions and highly contested battlefields.


The AIR LORA can be simply integrated into fighter and bomber aircraft as a Stand-Alone Configuration or through the Avionics System, easy to train, with simple fire-and-forget and autonomous operation.

The AIR LORA has a very high mission success rate mainly due to its supersonic speed and its combat-proven GNSS Anti-Jamming System. The high survivability of the missile is also achieved by end game trajectory shaping and 90 degrees attack angle.

big bang

Jacob Galifat, General Manager of the IAI/MLM Division commented, “AIR LORA opens new frontiers and capabilities to our customers and improves the attack and defence capabilities for countries, with minimal risk to pilots and platforms. AIR LORA offers air forces the ability to surprise the enemy in its deep land with massive and GNSS Anti-Jam protected accurate strike capabilities.”