IAI Enters Long-Term MRO Contract for PW4000 Engines With ATSG’s Leasing Company CAM

By Arie Egozi

Defence Industry

Tel Aviv: Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Aviation Group has signed a long-term contract under which it will maintain and service PW4000 engines for Air Transport Services Group’s (ATSG’s) leasing company, Cargo Aircraft Management (CAM).

The PW4000 engine maintenance will be carried out at IAI’s Bedek MRO Division’s facilities, a world centre of knowledge in the field, and one of the world’s leading MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) houses.

IAI offers state-of-the-art engine MRO services through its team of highly trained and experienced engineers, advanced repair processes, coupled with the latest technologies, test cells, and cutting-edge laboratories for investigative services, providing its customers with long-term excellence, reliable and serviceable engine support.

ATSG has a long-standing relationship with IAI as they have converted more than 150 Boeing 767 aircraft. This newly signed contract is evidence of the depth of the cooperation between IAI, ATSG and CAM. This contract illustrates the value that ATSG places on its relationship with IAI as it continues to deliver industry leading services to their US and global leasing customers.

Ido Ben Cnaan, VP & General Manager of Bedek MRO, Aviation Group said that IAI welcomes this long-term contract and expects to deepen the business connections both between our companies, and with the American market.

Bedek’s MRO serves aviation companies and commercial operators around the world and supplies, under one roof, the entire range of MRO capabilities, for aircraft, engines, and subsystems. IAI supports both the wide and narrow body aircraft produced by Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, and others, and provides maintenance services at all levels, including the most extensive D-check maintenance activities.