GalaxEye’s High-Resolution Aerial Drone-based SAR System to Revolutionise Space Imaging


New Delhi: A pioneering SpaceTech start-up, GalaxEye has introduced an innovative high-resolution Aerial Drone-based Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) System. This cutting-edge technology – a ground-breaking feat allows for detailed all-weather imaging, even in adverse conditions. With this, GalaxEye has positioned itself as a leading player in this field, alongside established organisations like ISRO & DRDO.

GalaxEye’s proprietary data fusion technology enables satellite constellations to perform all-weather imaging without being hindered by atmospheric challenges. This advancement facilitates the creation of detailed images through a compact satellite constellation. Once fully operational, this constellation aims to achieve global coverage within a 12-hour window, proving invaluable across sectors such as insurance, agriculture, property assessment, and utility monitoring.

Emphasising the growth of young space startups in India, Dr Sudheer Kumar of ISRO acknowledges GalaxEye’s capabilities. Dr V Kamakoti of IIT Madras praises GalaxEye’s achievements and the promising landscape of India’s space-tech ecosystem.

In an official company statement, Suyash Singh, GalaxEye’s CEO highlighted the company’s tech prowess and commitment to its mission. The accomplishment underscores India’s space successes and its growing space-tech ecosystem.

GalaxEye is the brainchild of entrepreneurs from Avishkar Hyperloop and was founded in 2021. The start-up is developing a multi-sensor imaging satellite with high resolution and a unique Data-as-a-Service model. It has collaborated with organisations like Antaris Inc and Dassault Systemes to further propel their endeavours. The company has also sought support from ISRO to advance its initiatives.