Dubai Air Show 2023: Embraer Focused on EVE Air Mobility

Civil Aviation

Dubai / New Delhi: Brazilian aerospace company Embraer did not announce any commercial orders at the recent Dubai Air Show which concluded on November 17, but sought to focus on its subsidiary EVE Air Mobility.


The Eve Air Mobility produces electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft and urban air mobility infrastructure and was founded on October 15, 2020. The Brazilian planemaker made three announcements pertinent to that side of the manufacturer’s structure.

It announced Letter of Intent with Kookiejar to Develop Urban Air Traffic Management System for Operations in Dubai. Another was a joint venture between EVE Air Mobility and Hunch Mobility to provide first electric commuter flights to Bengaluru. It also inked a Memorandum of Understanding with NATS to develop Urban Air Mobility Traffic Management Services in the UK.

Rob Weaver, the Urban ATM Global Business Development Lead at EVE Air Mobility, the wing of Embraer, said “Urban air mobility relies on infrastructure within the lower air space as well as accessible take-off and landing spots – vertiports. Eve’s Urban ATM solution provides an integrated suite of software that will enable an efficient and predictable eVTOL ecosystem.”

In their preview of the Dubai Air Show, which focused on Embraer, the company suggested that the Brazilian planemaker needed to push sales of the E2 program further. This was on the basis of the investment being made by countries in the Middle East in providing regional and neighbouring connectivity, which would have been in the Brazilian planemaker’s wheelhouse.

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However, it does look to be the case that the continued focus on EVE Air Mobility has continued following it’s significant showcasing at the Paris Air Show back in June. That being said, however, they may not have needed to secure orders at the Dubai Air Show, as their total backlog for 3Q23 rose by $500m to $17.8bn, showing good strength on the commercial front.

As of date, the company noted that things look to be quite steady at the moment, which may not have warranted orders for Embraer at the Dubai Air Show. So, in this case, the indicating factor in whether more aircraft will be added to the backlog in due course will be known at Farnborough 2024, which is an air show that they are known for unveiling orders within the space of a two-hour media briefing.


Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see what the rest of the year will look like for the Brazilian planemaker, especially if any orders get announced post-air show. All eyes will be on the planemaker to see whether any more orders for the E2 program can be pushed going into the short-term.

According to reports, as of now the focus of Embraer, would be on becoming profitable and are now in the harvest season before any decisions are made for the future beyond 2025. All eyes will be on the planemaker to see how this goes.