Classiq: On a Mission to Make Quantum Computing Accessible, Efficient, Scalable and Seamless

By Arie Egozi

Defence Industry

Tel Aviv: Israeli company Classiq, is offering its quantum computing software to many defence companies around the world, including in India.

Classiq, the leading quantum computing software company, is on a mission to make quantum computing accessible, efficient, scalable and seamless. Classiq’s unique quantum circuit synthesis software platform offers ready-made applications, modelling, quantum circuit synthesis and execution of your program on all modalities of quantum computing hardware.

Classiq collaborates and works with leading global enterprises, service providers and academic institutions. Classiq can assist you with your quantum journey, whether you are a novice taking initial steps or an expert team aspiring to achieve more.

From financial services to engineering, from logistics to pharmaceuticals, quantum computing is poised to bring game changing advancements and drive innovation in a range of fields. Quantum computing is revolutionising the way we think about solving complex problems. Its tremendous potential has caught the attention of leading industries, with many top companies already embarking on their quantum journey. Quantum computers have the potential to solve many complex questions, better and more quickly than classical computers. With the rapid evolution of quantum hardware, the time to act is now.

Inspired by traditional semiconductor design automation, the Classiq Platform synthesises quantum circuits automatically. With growing numbers of qubits and a need for increasingly large and complex quantum circuits, manual coding becomes impractical, and at times impossible.

Classiq’s unique technology changes that. Working with the Classiq Platform you are freed up to focus on what’s important. The platform lets you use an intuitive IDE to work with built in functional libraries or a Python SDK interface where you can develop your own functions and IP. This approach relieves you of laborious gate-level design and automatically generates your circuit. The Classiq Platform searches the problem set and synthesizes the quantum circuit according to your model, constraints and output language.

Traditionally, programming a quantum computer at the gate level presents a unique challenge, requiring a deep understanding of quantum physics and specialised skills. The Classiq Platform is approachable for non-quantum experts such as those with AI, ML and data-science knowledge, allowing a broader range of people to join the quantum workflow.

According to Nir Minerbi – CEO of Classiq, the company’s platform dramatically enhances quantum capabilities with optimised scalable quantum software at the click of a button. You can then execute your circuit output on quantum hardware via Classiq.

“Our Quantum software is the combination that will enable to solve problems that until now would have taken many years to solve. This is a huge revolution that is just starting,” said Nir Minerbi.