Securing the Final Frontier

India has carved a place for itself not just in the emerging new world order, much to the angst and annoyance of many established world powers, but also occupies an […]

HENSOLDT Advances in Space Domain Awareness

HENSOLDT is a key European industrial supplier of space equipment for leading-edge optical, optoelectronic and electrical payloads. HENSOLDT’s customers value its outstanding ability to dovetail design and systems engineering with […]

Invasion of the Stars

Space has always been part of China’s strategy for future conflict. Since 2003, when it became only the third country to undertake manned spaceflight, the Dragon has aggressively surged ahead […]

Strategising ICT in Conflict

Gulf War-1 in January & February 1991saw extensive use of tank and air power that swiftly pushed back Iraqi invasion forces from Kuwait and took the war into Iraq. Prior […]

Future Military Space For India

While the militarization of space is being led by the Big Three—US, China and Russia, most nations are developing military space-based capabilities for support to operations on ground. In the […]

China’s Growing Space Power Significant for India

Space has become an enormously important facet of our daily life. The increasing utility and critical need for space-based services have made it a rapidly-growing economic and technological arena. Space […]


Land Combat Systems: The Evolving Trend

India faces a complex and interesting geopolitical challenge, ranging from maritime sovereignty to securing its mountainous border with China or Pakistan. This challenge will necessarily be addressed in an inter-service […]



HENSOLDT group core competence has been to recognize a wide range of threats and to provide practical and optimal solutions to improve the safety and operational effectiveness of military platforms. […]


Army Air Defence: Trends And Technologies

Wars have changed, and this is especially true for the Indian Army. In previous wars, its primary aerial threat was the enemy air force, which was tackled by the Indian […]

Towards an Integrated Military Future

As major armed forces of the world move towards network-centric warfare, it is time to understand the communication and networking of the armed forces and the preparedness. Today all devices […]

C5ISR – Imperative Need for a Focused Approach

C5ISR (Command, Control, Computers, Communications, Combat Systems, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) capability is a weapon to achieve asymmetry in warfare. It enables superior situational awareness to shorten the OODA (Observe, […]


Making 5G Military Ready, With Lessons from Ongoing Global Experiments

The Indian initiative appears to be promising. The end-result in the backdrop of economic aspects and international 5G race will pose many financial and technology risks on Indian 5G ISPs. The government must support Indian Civil and Military 5G in a big way to make it an international success..

Higher the CNP, Higher in World Order

World Order: World Order in simple terms is an international relations term describing the distribution of power among world powers, including the United Nations (UN), World Trade Organization (WTO), World Bank, […]