India@75: Moments of Reflection

Since achieving independence in 1947, India has come a long way from a post-colonial “Third World” country. As India celebrates 75 years of its independence, Indians can take pride in […]

India’s Strategic Realignment Amidst Global Chaos

Geopolitical Landscape Nations around the world are witnessing uncertainties hitherto unheard of in recent history. The storming of the Capitol Hill, Russian incursion into Ukraine, the forced eviction of the […]

Harnessing India’s Demography

The United Nations Population Fund defines a demographic dividend as the potential for substantial national economic payoff in a period in which the working-age population is healthy, educated, and gainfully […]

Maturing of India’s Defence Diplomacy

Diplomacy is as old as the ancient Roman Empire. However, with the evolution of international political structure and the evolution of human cognition, the nature of diplomacy has undergone myriad […]

Soaring Ever Higher

In sync with the Prime Minister’s vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat, the Defence Ministry has notified three positive indigenisation lists to further push self-reliance in defence production. It has also been […]

Decoding the Final Frontier

India’s space programme has a very interesting history. It is important to look at India making investments in the space domain not in isolation, but against the backdrop of India’s […]

Glorious India @75: India Matters to the World

“Hele verden vil være venner med Indien” (Everyone wants to be friends with India) These were the headlines of prominent Newspapers in Denmark when the PM of India visited Denmark […]

Ukraine Conflict: India’s Watershed Period

The war itself The Ukrainian conflict is complex, even in its military aspect alone. The dissymmetric confrontation between a sizable but aging army (insofar as most of the equipment deployed […]