Soldiering: A Saga of Ethos And Values

“We fight to win and win with a knockout because there are no runners up in war”:    General JJ Singh Leadership is an art and not a science because […]

Indian Army Must be Demonstratively Proactive

Deterrence to conflict whether at the sub-conventional level or conventional under the nuclear backdrop not only should be proactive, it must be suitably demonstrated to convey the effectiveness to the […]

Let 2022 be the Year of Indian Military Transformation

The rapid transformation in society, culture, technology and globalisation has altered the geopolitics and geo-economics canvas that has impacted warfare. While the traditional linkages between conflict, victory and politics remain, […]

Multifunctional Self Protection System (MUSS)

Since it made its first appearance on the Battlefield of Somme in 1916 the Main Battle Tank (MBT) is still the Queen of the armoured community of platforms collectively known […]

CDS: The Momentum Must Carry On

The 8th of December 2021, will be remembered as a black swan day in the history of our nation. India lost its serving CDS, General Bipin Rawat and many other […]

Army Working Towards ICDP Says Army Chief

Army Chief General M.M. Naravane said the Integrated Capability Development System (ICADS) promulgated by the Headquarters of Integrated Defence Staff (HQ-IDS) is being formulated and after completion of the five […]

Military Leadership Challenges In 21st Century

Armed Forces are the last instrument of statecraft of any nation state; therefore they can’t afford to fail. It is this zero error professionalism that sets the military leaders as […]