Making The Military Future-Ready

War and Warfare are fast outpacing the warfighter and his legacy tools. Contemporary wars have witnessed a tectonic shift in the goals of war, the rules of war, the players […]

Digital Transformation of The Indian Armed Forces

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is amongst the latest technology that is revolutionising both the commercial sector and daily household as well as military and homeland security arena. It provides limitless autonomous […]

HENSOLDT Spexer 2000 3D MKIII Radar

One of the things the current conflicts have taught us is that the military hardware we are used to, especially ground-based machines like tanks and troop carriers, are utterly useless […]

Elusive Cohesive Vision

India remains apathetic towards national security. More than 75 years after Independence, we are without a national security strategy though the National Security Advisor (NSA) was tasked in 2019 to […]

Challenging A New Frontier

Evolution: A fast unfolding war sequence at its violent extreme saw remotely controlled machines moving in, evidently dominating the battlezone while an army of men downed and dusted surrendering to […]

India’s Need for a National Security Strategy

It seems quite a paradox that even 75 years after independence, India does not possess an overarching National Security Strategy (NSS), which comprehensively tries to gauge the challenges to the […]

Technology Matters but Humans Win Wars

The size of the Army matters but it is the technology that wins the war     – Harry S. Truman Warfare is increasingly becoming very complex, multidimensional, and highly dynamic. […]