Bolloré Logistics UAE becomes a Dubai Customs approved E-Freight agent

Defence Industry

As the result of a common and continuous effort of Bolloré Logistics UAE, the entity joined in April 2018 the global industry-wide E-Freight initiative by becoming an official approved EFreight Freight-Forwarder in Dubai.

E-Freight allows registered freight forwarders, carriers, ground handlers, shippers, customs brokers and customs authorities to benefit from a paper-less operation and therefore to enhance the flow of trade movement. This system intends to build an end to end transportation process thanks to a regulatory framework, innovative digital messages and sharp data.

This great new agreement allows Bolloré Logistics UAE to smoothen their customs clearance process as air import clearance will now be managed without having to wait for original commercial documents, since operations team can proceed clearing shipment by only providing scanned copies. Moreover, with this new initiative, as a freight forwarder Bolloré Logistics UAE will no longer have the obligation to hold a financial documents deposit with Dubai Customs in case the Original Documents are not available during air import customs clearance.

Bolloré Logistics UAE has already noticed significant improvement in terms of custom clearance delays enabling them to serve their clients even faster.

On the client side, E-Freight guaranties a faster clearance and delivery of inbound shipments to UAE, along with a noticeable saving as a Customs deposit is no longer required. This new system also allows Bolloré Logistics’ clients to gain time to obtain the original documents from the origin shipper for future audit archiving.

Marc DOHERTY, deputy Country Manager of Bolloré Logistics UAE said: “We endeavor to continue to bring digitalization solutions to our clients, as well as enhancing our own internal processes. On top this new initiative it will enhance our AEO certification strengthening our partnership with UAE customs”.