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UVision Air Makes Strategic Investment in SpearUAV


Defence Industry

Tel Aviv: UVision Air, the Israeli company that is manufacturing very advanced loitering weapon systems made a strategic investment in another Israeli company SpearUAV, who has developed an autonomous, AI-based technology for encapsulated SWARM-based UASs.

The two companies will work to share their technological knowledge: UVision with its proven knowledge and experience in loitering munition systems, and Spear with its expertise in AI based  tactical drones for ISTAR missions. The synergy between the companies will make it possible to offer a comprehensive solution for varying operational needs from the micro-tactical forces and brigade level, to the division level.

“This investment in Spear comes as a direct continuation of the company’s expansion in the international defence market,” says Major General (Ret.) Avi Mizrachi, CEO of UVision. “Just recently, UVision was selected by the US Marines to provide its advanced loitering munition system, Hero-120, as part of a multi-year installation for all armoured vehicles. Spear offers a unique ISTAR solution that can be easily deployed by any soldier in the field. Together, we are creating a broad-spectrum solution, tailored to any operational need of our customers – at sea, in the air, and on land.”

“We are pleased and proud of our strong partnership with UVision,” says Colonel (Ret.) Gadi Kuperman, Founder & CEO of SpearUAV. “UVision has recognized the enormous potential of Spear’s robust, intuitive, and autonomous solutions for immediate, aerial superiority, in both the defence and HLS markets. While Spear continues to thrive and grow independently, we are confident that this collaboration will bring with it a breakthrough into new markets for the two companies.”

This investment is another step of UVision to become a major supplier of very advanced loitering weapon system. The potential market for loitering weapon systems in the US armed forces is behind that cooperation agreement signed last year between Israeli company UVision and US company MAG Aerospace. Through this new cooperation agreement, UVision USA and MAG Aerospace will offer operational and training solutions for the Hero family of loitering munitions. MAG Aerospace will provide in-country resources, perform demonstrations, operational training, and support for UVision’s customers OCONUS (outside Continental US) and CONUS (Continental US).

In June 2021, UVision’s Hero-120 OPF-M has been selected  by the US Marine Corps after the completion of several successful demonstrations, tests and evaluation processes, proving the capabilities of the system. The Hero-120 OPF-M will provide the Marines Corps with ISR, highly accurate and precision indirect fire strike capabilities. In addition, the Israeli company will supply its Multi-Canister Launcher tailored to the specific requirements of the USMC and integrate onto the LAV, JLTV and the LRUSV.

The Hero-120 is a mid-range, anti-armour weapon system which meets the complex requirements of the modern battlefield.  Hero-120 is a high precision smart loitering munition system with a unique aerodynamic structure that carries out pinpoint strikes against anti-armour, anti-material and anti-personnel targets including tanks, vehicles, concrete fortifications, and other soft targets in populated urban areas. The Hero-120’s high precision capability ensures minimal collateral damage. Its wide range of multi-purpose warheads enable the operational user to effectively engage all targets.

The HERO family of loitering munitions comprises several models. Designed for different missions, from short-to-medium and long ranges and flight times using various warheads, the Hero series of high-precision loitering munitions provides operational forces with combined intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) and strike capabilities, enabling them to independently locate, track and engage time-sensitive, low-signature targets. These advanced munitions can loiter in the air in a clandestine manner for an extended period of time; locate and track the enemy; help to validate targets; and carry out a precise strike. The Hero system can abort an attack in mid-air, re-enter loitering mode, and then resume the attack, or re-assign targets, thus minimizing collateral damage and providing operational forces with unsurpassed tactical flexibility on the modern battlefield.

UVision designs and manufactures combat-proven smart loitering munition systems, providing military organizations around the globe with precise and effective operational attack capabilities. Its innovative, cost-effective systems are based on cutting-edge technology and 30 years of extensive field experience by military professionals, engineers, and the company’s own management team.

In early 2019, UVision Air Ltd. established UVision USA Corporation, which will produce the HERO series of loitering munitions in the United States, beginning in mid-2022. The establishment of UVision USA further strengthens UVision’s overall commitment to the US Armed Forces and the US economy.

The HERO series of systems provides high-precision strike capabilities, based on unique aerodynamic platform configurations. UVision’s loitering munitions are designed with unique flight qualities for precision-attack munitions, integrating advanced airborne guidance and sophisticated navigation algorithms, integrated with C4I stations – thereby meeting the requirements of today’s modern battlefield challenges for combat in complex and dynamic environments.

The units are operationally deployed and field proven. ISO certified, UVision is fully committed to providing turnkey solutions to its extensive network of partners and customers around the world, with high-quality service and swift support.