UTC Aerospace Systems and Emirates Forge Together on Smarter, More Intelligent Maintenance Solution

  • Emirates turns real-time data into actionable analysis with UTC Aerospace Systems’ InteliSight virtual Quick Access Recorder (vQAR)
  • Enhanced monitoring will optimize maintenance operations by reducing labor hours to retrieve and report data
  • Defence Industry, Farnborough 2018

    FARNBOROUGH, July 17, 2018. UTC Aerospace Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp, has been selected by Emirates to advance the airline’s Boeing 777 fleet with the InteliSight™ Aircraft Data Management (ADM) platform’s latest application, virtual Quick Access Recorder (vQAR). This digital transformation will enhance the airline’s data collection and analysis capabilities used to generate significant cost savings by simplifying workflow and fueling data analytics that can help optimize operational efficiency, equipment performance and predictive maintenance programmes.

    Hosted on UTC Aerospace Systems’ Aircraft Interface Device (AID), vQAR enables Emirates to transform manual flight safety and maintenance reporting procedures into an easy-to-use digital data management interface. This remote access solution automatically captures, stores and transmits flight operations quality assurance (FOQA) data based on established communication rules for maintenance reports in real-time, as opposed to being delayed until a technician can manually retrieve the data from the aircraft. This allows Emirates Engineering and Flight Operations the ability to get intelligent, real-time aircraft reports with actionable data to improve operational efficiency.

    vQAR establishes an optimal level of data control by creating business rules and priorities for data sources and communication links, thereby autonomously regulating the amount and types of information it receives. The implementation of vQAR creates a single point of contact at a remote terminal to access multiple aircraft data and ACMS messages, thereby reducing the labor of data management including manual retrieval and retention of data. The vQAR application goes beyond traditional QAR system capability by providing access to both mandatory and user-modifiable data frames from the ARINC 717 data buses, along with ARINC 429 data from the range of avionics connections included in the UTC Aerospace Systems Boeing 777 STC installation.

    “Emirates has been one of the leading companies in terms of making the best use of technology to enhance the real time data transferring to and from our aircraft. The latest fitted wireless QAR system will ensure data transfer from our aircraft from any destination in real time, enabling us to enhance the safety of our operation, as well as the monitoring and managing of data for aircraft performance and maintenance purposes. The new equipment eliminates the need to physically go to aircraft to extract data, resulting in more efficient operation of our maintenance personnel when compared to the conventional QAR system,” said Capt Hassan Alhammadi, Acting Divisional Senior VP, Flight Operations.

    “The Emirates program continues UTC Aerospace Systems’ longstanding relationship in providing the airline with high-quality, affordable solutions in aircraft data management and electronic flight bag technology,” said Mauro Atalla, Vice President of Engineering and Technology for Sensors & Integrated Systems. “The InteliSight vQAR builds on the core capabilities of our aircraft data management ecosystem, offering an expandable solution that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each operator.”

    The UTC Aerospace Systems’ InteliSight ADM platform is certified on nearly all major commercial transport category aircraft to support a common aircraft data management solution across mixed fleets. The InteliSight™ platform is comprised of a hardware and software suite and includes in-flight health monitoring, fuel efficiency monitoring, flight tracking and an industry standard ARINC 834 data server solutions for electronic flight bag (EFB) data access. The open architecture of the platform supports leading aviation mobile apps for both iOS and Windows tablets.