GE Aerospace LM2500 Gas Turbine-Powered USCGC Calhoun Commissioned by United States Coast Guard

Defence Industry

CHARLESTON, SC. USCGC Calhoun (WMSL-759), powered by one GE Aerospace LM2500 marine gas turbine, was commissioned by the United States Coast Guard April 20 in its homeport of Charleston, South Carolina. USCGC Calhoun is the 10th of 11 Legend-class United States Coast Guard cutters.


The Calhoun is the newest and most technologically advanced 418-foot National Security Cutter (NSC) to join the Coast Guard fleet. The LM2500 gas turbine will power all 11 USCG National Security Cutters, including the WMSL-760 currently being constructed at Huntington Ingalls Industries in Pascagoula, MS.

USCGC Calhoun was designed to undertake the entire range of high-endurance cutter roles, with additional flexibility to support the Department of Defense during times of national emergency contingencies. Some of her mission capabilities include:

  • Maritime law enforcement to support drug interdiction and anti-piracy
  • General defense operations
  • Fisheries protection
  • Port security
  • Search and rescue

GE Aerospace’s marine gas turbines can be applied in a variety of propulsion configurations giving naval architects design flexibility to best match speed, endurance, and mission payload requirements. Manufactured in Cincinnati, OH, the LM2500 is the only naval gas turbine in its power class made and serviced in the United States.

To date, the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard have taken delivery of or have on order more than 870 LM2500 family marine gas turbines operating aboard surface combatants such as frigates and destroyers. Worldwide, more than 1,550 GE Aerospace marine gas turbines are in operation or on order, powering 40 navies aboard 714 naval ships ranging from cruisers, patrol boats, and corvettes to frigates, amphibious ships, and aircraft carriers.

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