US, Israel Coordinating their Air Defence Systems to Counter Any Escalation in the Israel – Hamas War

By Arie Egozi

Foreign Affairs

Tel Aviv: Israel and the US are coordinating their air defence systems to counter any escalation in the war between Israel and Iran’s proxies in Gaza and Lebanon.

US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin announced on October 21 that the country is deploying two of its most potent anti-missile systems, the THAAD and more Patriot systems to the area.

In recent years the US and Israel conducted a number of large scale joint exercises in which the US air defence systems have been operated jointly with the Israeli ones. The exercise simulated a scenario in which US forces arrive in Israel to provide assistance in missile defence, and included operational procedures that will facilitate the joint operation of Israeli and American ballistic missiles interceptors and detection systems.

During the exercises, the US personnel became acquainted with the main Israeli air defence systems, the Iron Dome, David’s Sling and Arrow. The US AN / TPY-2 radar based in Israel permanently, plays a major role in the preparations for a joint defensive action. The American long range radar based in Southern Israel has the same hardware of the Radar system used by the THHAD.

Israeli sources said that the TPY-2 operated by American soldiers has a range of about 1240 Miles. Placed in Israel, the radar can detect ballistic missiles launched from Iran.