Ukraine Defence Forces Receive RADA’s Radar Capable of Detecting Drones, Rockets and Mortar Shells


Defence Industry

Tel Aviv: The Ukraine defence forces received an Israeli made radar. This radar made by Israeli company RADA is capable of detecting drones, rockets and mortar shells.

Sources say that the radar made by Israeli company RADA has been donated by the Lithuanian Blue/Yellow volunteer organization. The very advanced radar will be used to sound an alert of approaching Russian strikes as part of a trial program in the upcoming months.


Israeli authorities have not made any public remarks on the situation.


According to Ukrainian officials, the alarm system is expected to be installed in Kyiv over the course of the next two months, the Israeli Kan public broadcaster reported. The system that will be installed in Ukraine, is only capable of giving alerts and is not connected to any air defence system.


Since the outbreak of the war Kiev had requested Israel to provide its armed forces with air defence systems like Iron Dome. Israel refused because of the sensitive relations with Moscow that enable the Israeli air force to perform almost weekly strikes against Iranian related targets in Syria.


The system in Ukraine is set for wider coverage and will trigger alerts in a general area where an incoming Russian missile is expected to hit; the system in Israel works with more precision.


According to the Israeli company RADA, The ieMHR is a cutting edge software defined, multi-mission, 4D AESA pulse Doppler radar platform that can host a variety of operational missions. The ieMHR offers a superior SWaP-C and On-The-Move operation to the manoeuvre force, providing best of breed radar sensor for air defence and active defence solutions.


The company says that the radar is capable of Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System (C-UAS) & Short-Range Air Defence (SHORAD), handles all types of aerial threats including class-1 micro-drones • Counter Rocket, Artillery, Mortar (C-RAM) and Sense & Warn, both indirect and low-QE fire; Point-of-Origin (POO) and Point-of-Impact (POI) determination, ranging of friendly-fire • Hemispheric surveillance, simultaneous detection and tracking of aerial and ground intruders.