UAE Authorities Disagreement on Israeli Airlines Flight Protection May Lead to Flights Stoppage


Civil Aviation

Tel Aviv: The UAE authorities do not accept the Israeli demands for protecting the Israeli airlines flight to Dubai.

This may stop these flights in mid-week. The disagreement is about the Israeli security service (Shin Bet) demands aimed at protecting the Israeli passengers arriving to Dubai with flight from Israel.

Sources said that the main issues is the “level of armament” the Israeli security agents carry in the International airport in Dubai. According to foreign media the Israeli security officers in other “sensitive ” airports are heavily armed.

Confirming the news, Shin Bet said that, “Over the past few months, security disputes have been revealed between the competent bodies in Dubai and the Israeli aviation security system in a way that does not allow for the responsible enactment of security for Israeli aviation.”

Efforts are being made to avoid the flights stoppage. El Al first launched its Israel-UAE route in August 2020, following the signing of the Abraham Accords. Israeli airlines Israir and Arkia have also launched regular flights between Tel Aviv and Dubai.