TRX Systems Wins $402 Million Deal for Jam-resistant Navigation Gear

Defence Industry

Washington: The US Army tapped TRX Systems to produce jam- and spoof-resistant navigation equipment for soldiers in a deal worth as much as $402 million.

The service’s Program Executive Office Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors announced the award for the second-generation Dismounted Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing Systems, or DAPS GEN II, on April 11.

An initial order of the gear, at more than 700 units, and supporting services are valued at $14.6 million. A fiscal 2022 report by the Office of the Director of Operational Test and Evaluation (US Defence Department) shows three different versions of the DAPS technology.

DAPS GEN II ensures troops understand where they are and where they are headed — even in environments where GPS signal is jeopardized and other digital systems are under siege. Such resilience is needed, defence officials say, as the US prepares for potential fights against other advanced adversaries capable of waging effective electronic warfare.

Mike Trzeciak, a project manager at the program executive office, in a statement said DAPS “ensures access to modernized military GPS and fuses additional sources of PNT to include timing and alternate navigation technologies.” The gear, he added, “is a critical enabling capability” for the Army’s multi domain operations and ability to deter and defeat an enemy with help from others in any location.

MAPS GEN II is considered a step up from its predecessors, known as GEN I and GEN 1.2. The Pentagon’s independent weapons tester in a January report said GEN II is an “improved version,” capable of stand-alone use or pairing with other soldier-worn kit.

TRX Systems has for years worked with the Defence Department. The Maryland-based company is a subsidiary of ACR Group.