Temporary Measure: US Navy Recruiters’ Work Week Extended to Six Days

Foreign Affairs

Washington: Starting July 8, US Navy recruiters’ work week will get a day longer. Navy Recruiting Command is temporarily extending recruiters’ work week to six days to address recruiting shortages, Lt. Cmdr. Richard Parker, the spokesperson for Recruiting Command said.

Parker did not have current recruiting numbers, citing a number of ongoing recruiting efforts preventing finalization of the numbers. However, in April, Vice Chief of Naval Operations Lisa Franchetti said the Navy was expected to miss its recruiting goal by 6,000 sailors.

The Navy currently has more than 3,900 recruiters, Parker said. Navy Recruiting Command is still working out the details of the work week change, Parker said. The change will likely affect recruiters from the top down.

“While CNRC is aware this decision may be met with some hesitation, our duty is to bring the best and most qualified recruits into the Navy,” Parker said. “The quality of recruits joining the Fleet is one of our top priorities.”