Chaos in Israel

Israel is on the edge, for the last few months thousands of people have hit the streets, and almost all sections of Israeli society have risen in unison against the […]


“EDGE to Operate on a Global Scale”

EDGE Group has emerged as one of the fastest-growing businesses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With the aim of expanding the group’s global footprint and playing a pivotal role […]

Crisis In Pakistan: Is Imran Khan Out?

The political crisis in Pakistan is getting murkier day by day. Imran Khan and his party might seem to be in the docks, but he is still sailing valiantly. Though […]

G-7 vs China: Flexing Muscles for Supremacy

Beijing, which was once again ignored by the G-7 for its annual meet, organised first in-person summit with five Central Asian countries during the same time-frame the G-7 leaders held […]

In Search of a New Enlightenment

The world is currently passing through multiple crises, which were not seen in recent decades. On one hand, we have the global climate crisis, scientists have predicted that the world […]