India’s Defence Diplomacy1

India’s Defence Diplomacy

In a first, India will post defence attaches in several countries, with a focus on Africa, aimed at strengthening strategic ties and military diplomacy amid China’s increasing efforts to expand […]

russia-ukraine war2

Roots of the Strife

Russia initiated a “special military operation” against Ukraine in February 2022, citing multiple reasons to justify its aggression. While the longstanding disputes over the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty […]

Birds of Mass Destruction

The protracted Ukraine War has gone murkier with Russian forces in Ukraine claiming to have come across US-aided bio-labs developing dangerous pathogens. Not many are aware that the US Department […]

Outcomes of the Larger Hybrid War in Ukraine

Russia’s eastern offensive commenced on April 18, 2022. It has made very little headway. In over two weeks, Russia has been able to expand its area of control only marginally. […]

Deciphering India’s Stand in the Russo-Ukraine War

On February 24, 2022, after weeks of playing guessing games with the world’s imagination, and Ukraine’s speculations, Moscow let loose its firepower against Ukraine. The “he will – he wouldn’t” […]