Significant Milestone: MH60R Helicopter Undertakes Maiden at Sea Landing Onboard Destroyer INS Kolkata

Indian Navy

New Delhi: In a significant milestone for the Navy, MH60R helicopter has undertaken maiden landing on the indigenously designed and constructed destroyer, INS Kolkata, officials said on May 19. The achievement is a major boost to the Navy’s Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) capability.


MH60R helicopter is a versatile platform known for its exceptional ASW, surveillance, anti-shipping, and search and rescue capabilities. Built by Lockheed Martin, the induction of these helicopters has enhanced Indian Navy’s three-dimensional capabilities. Reportedly, these choppers are modified and equipped with several unique weapons, including torpedoes, air-to-ground missiles and rockets, and crew-served guns.

India signed a deal with US to procure 24 MH60R multi-role helicopters and has received three helicopters till date. Its integration with Indian Navy warships would further strengthen the Navy’s capability to counter underwater threats, monitor maritime activities and conduct surveillance operations.