Schiebel India Unveils Flagship tactical VTOL UAS-CAMCOPTER® S-100

Aero India, Aero India 2023

Bengaluru: Schiebel India, a subsidiary of Schiebel Group, Austria participating in Aero India 2023 for the first time unveiled its flagship CAMCOPTER® S-100, the only tactical VTOL UAS in its class with extensive operational experience on the opening day of the aero show. The unveiling took place parallel to the air show’s inauguration by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 13.

The unveiling ceremony was graced by Jajati Mohanty – CEO Schiebel India, Hans Georg Schiebel – owner and chairman of Schiebel, Johannes Kisslinger – COO at Schiebel, Helen Nassey – PR Manager and Venkat Raju – owner VEM Technologies – Schiebel’s partner in India. Later Schiebel India’s stall in Hall C was visited by senior Indian Navy officials and Indian Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar.

CAMCOPTER® S-100 offers a wide range of capabilities such as maritime surveillance, search and rescue operations, emission monitoring, accident and disaster assistance, border security, environmental change detection, convoy protection, frontline resupply, and anti-smuggling operations. The flexible set-up of multiple payloads with a combined weight of up to 50 kg enables it to perform multiple missions.

Schiebel has set up an office in India and partnered with VEM Technologies for the local production of the CAMCOPTER® S-100. This partnership will manufacture the CAMCOPTER® S-100 along with its payload under the Buy (India) category with up to 60% indigenisation content. The endeavour would be to create the necessary skills for integration and testing in India such that a robust eco-system is created which can sustain the platform for 15 years and above based on the technology obsolescence.

The CAMCOPTER® S-100 has been successfully utilised and operated in mountainous regions around the world and is easily capable of handling flight operations at 8000 ft. It is in use with a number of Navies and Armies on five continents on land and at sea, as well as with international agencies, including the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA). What differentiates CAMCOPTER® S-100 in comparison to its competitors, is its mature and proven capability – being deployed by several maritime customers all over the world, the S-100 has tens of thousands of embarked maritime flight hours under its belt, with several thousand deck landings in demanding environmental conditions.