Rostec Ready to Develop Engine Based on PD-35 for New Russian Super-heavy Aircraft

Defence Industry
Sergey Chemezov, CEO Rostec

The prospective PD-35 aircraft engine being developed by United Engine Corporation (UEC, part of Rostec) can potentially be used in a new generation of Russian super-heavy planes that are planned to replace An-124 Ruslan models. This was announced by the CEO of Rostec, Sergey Chemezov on August 10.

The 35-ton-thrust PD-35 engine is being developed by the Perm-based company UEC-Aviadvigatel in cooperation with other UEC enterprises. It is the first domestic civilian ultra-high duty bypass turbofan engine designed for installation in prospective wide-body aircraft. It is planned to be used in CR929 Russian-Chinese long-haul aircraft, among others.

“The PD-35 is one of the most significant projects for the Russian aviation industry. This engine will be suitable for aircraft that could, in the future, be developed to replace An-124 super-heavy airliners. The joint project to build an engine for the prospective CR929 aircraft has already combined the technological and managerial competencies of the Russian and Chinese parties and is an example of successful high-tech partnership between the two countries,” said Rostec’s CEO Sergey Chemezov.

In implementing the PD-35 project, the scientific and technical knowledge gained from developing the latest Russian engine—the PD-14—will be widely used. This engine was designed for the prospective MS-21-300 airliner.

Rostec continues to implement a large-scale program to develop the Corporation’s aviation cluster in line with its approved Strategy. The main objectives of the Strategy are to achieve revenue growth of an average of 17% in rouble terms by 2025, increase the share of civil products in the overall revenue to 50%, improve operational efficiency and gain entry to the global markets.