Robotican’s Hybrid Unmanned System ‘ Rooster’ Helping IDF Investigate the Underground Tunnels Built by Hamas in Gaza

By Arie Egozi


Tel Aviv: The combat units of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) fighting in Gaza use the “Rooster” – a unique hybrid unmanned system to investigate the underground tunnels comprising the 500 km long “Metro City” built by the Hamas terror organisation under Gaza.

The drone Rooster is produced by Robotican, an Israeli start-up that develops and produces drone systems and autonomous robots. The IDF and other military organisations across the world are already using the Rooster, which is intended for commando units and Special Forces for ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) missions and tactical fighting.

Robotican claims that the revolutionary Rooster hybrid drone redefines indoor and underground infrastructure reconnaissance by skilfully fusing drone capabilities with ground robots. According to the company, the Rooster represents a major improvement in adaptability, safety, and operational efficacy. It was specially created to meet the specific needs of combat military groups and special forces.

With an average operating period of up to ninety minutes, the Rooster has a maximum flying time of fifteen minutes and a maximum rolling time of forty minutes. The drone can move from flying in the air to rolling on the ground with ease, making it suitable for any type of terrain.

The Rooster combines ground movement with aerial skills, allowing it to roll over any terrain and fly over obstructions. It can hover effortlessly over windows, furniture, and staircases. It is outfitted with a unique cage that guards against potential damage from collisions with objects while in flight. A variety of payloads, including radiation, gas, and temperature sensors, can be added to the Rooster to meet the needs of various missions.