Rafael Showcases Advanced Technologies @ MILIPOL 2021; Unveils Ground Breaking Cyber Solutions

Defence Industry

Tel Aviv / Paris: Participating at MILIPOL PARIS 2021, RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd is displaying several advanced technologies along with its comprehensive suite of military and civil sector solutions. RAFAEL unveiled two of its ground breaking cyber solutions: Cyber Situation Awareness (SA) and Cyber Management System (CyMng).

Cyber Situation Awareness (SA) collects and aggregates information from across different infrastructure networks such as airports, railways, or seaports, and IT and OT operations networks to create a comprehensive image of current cyber threats. SA employs deep analysis of system vulnerabilities, risk and incident response parameters and characteristics to calculate the most effective and efficient defensive response to these threats.

Cyber Management System (CyMng) is a unique, holistic solution providing automated reactive and proactive information gathering and incident response processes. It enables analysis to identify threats and vulnerabilities in advance of impact while simultaneously tracking incident response metrics.

These operational, cutting-edge solutions are at the forefront of Rafael’s cybersecurity technologies and help secure critical assets from a range of modern and future threats including end-to-end protection of critical civilian infrastructure.

Rafael’s cyber defense solutions protect national-level critical services and infrastructure – including the transportation, oil and gas, water and sewage, energy, finance industries – from malicious cyber warfare activities conducted by state actors and independent rogue hackers. Rafael’s cybernetic qualitative edge is derived from a combination of extensive operational experience and understanding of evolving security requirements, cutting-edge technology.

Most of all, it is derived from Rafael’s interdisciplinary and integrative knowhow and capabilities to protect the most critical and vulnerable assets.

Additionally, Rafael’s several other advanced technologies are at display at the event. These include:

CYBER DOME is a comprehensive solution tackling advanced cyber threats, campaigns, and challenges. The CYBER DOME architecture is composed of multiple layers of defense – from the traditional up to the most complex – including unique technology for handling multi-classification information and SCADA systems. The CYBER DOME is tailored to address the customer’s real operational needs, to provide an optimal solution to their challenges.

SCADA DOME is a cyber defense solution designed to address cyber threats on SCADA and Industrial Control Systems, with the goal of ensuring safety and preventing long-lasting and significant economic and environmental damage, while maintaining uninterrupted system operation. SCADA DOME is designed to protect organizations from the most sophisticated and strategic cyber-attacks.

DRONE DOME an operational, off-the-shelf system, ready-to-use anti-drone system, DRONE DOME is an innovative system designed to provide effective airspace defense against hostile and stray drones. It integrates detection, classification, identification, and neutralization sub-systems to provide an end-to-end, mobile, quick response anti-UAV defense solution for sensitive sites and airspace. DRONE DOME is in operational use with several countries around the world.

Team Rafael looks forward to meet guests and visitors at their stand C 025 in Hall 5A. Contact Daniel Tsemach (danielt5@rafael.co.il) to coordinate an appointment or learn more about Rafael’s solutions from experts.