Rafael at EUROSATORY 2018

Rafael Advanced Defense systems Ltd., developer and manufacturer of land, naval air, space and cyber systems, is participating at EUROSATORY 2018 in PARIS, Israel Pavilion, Hall 6E.

Defence Industry

At EUROSATORY 2018, Rafael will be unveiling a number of NEW systems and capabilities in the areas of ground precision attack, land operations fire management, electro-optical loitering munition for light, tactical dismounted forces and active protection for 8*8 vehicles:

EPIK – Electro-Optical Precision Integration Kit, transforming unguided surface-to-surface rockets into accurate precision stand-off weapon systems. EPIK extends rocket range up to 50%, and enables pixel-level hit-point definition. EPIK implements and combines Rafael’s EO and Signal Processing capabilities of Scene- Matching technology to turn an un-guided surface to surface rocket into a precise weapon with a hit accuracy of less than 3 meters.

FIRE WEAVER – A Revolutionary Networked Attack System for Digitization of Land-Based Operations, enabling simultaneous, precision strikes on
multiple targets within seconds. Fire Weaver is designed to serve as a distributive tactical system that connects all the sensors and shooters in the battlefield on a single network, and to manage the attack process, including targeting and fire selection.

TROPHY APS for 8*8 vehicles – the world’s only combat-proven active protection system for armored vehicles, Rafael’s TROPHY for 8*8 vehicles is the only mature, available APS that has undergone successful operational integration on combat vehicles such as the LAVIII IFV and has been tested on the Stryker APC. This TROPHY variant can also be integrated with Rafael’s SAMSON Mk II Remote Weapon Station.

FIREFLY –a new variant of the SPIKE missile family, FIREFLY is a miniature electro-optical loitering munition for light, tactical dismounted forces such as Infantry, Marines or Special Forces. FIREFLY was designed for urban arena warfare, where situational awareness is limited, the enemy is behind cover, and precision is critical. The impact of FIREFLY on the Infantry is revolutionary, fundamentally changing small Infantry tactics.

In addition, Rafael will exhibit the following systems:

Air Defence:
SKYCEPTOR (David’s Sling Interceptor) – Advanced multi-mission interceptor against a variety of asymmetric short-range tactical ballistic missiles, inexpensive large caliber rockets, cruise missiles and unmanned aerial systems.
C-DOME – a Naval Defense System designed to effectively protect combat vessels against a large set of modern threats, using the combat-proven Iron Dome interceptor.
SPYDER SR/MR – Family of Short and Medium Range Air Defense systemsusing the i-Derby and Python-5 missiles.
MIC4AD-Modular, Integrated C4I Air & Missile Defense.

Precise, tactical EO missiles:
SPIKE FAMILY- Spike SR, LR/MR, LR2, ER, NLOS – Airborne, precise, multi-purpose tactical missiles, for ranges of 1.5 km-30 km, with 29 customers and 29,000 missiles delivered.

Armor Protection
TROPHY – the world’s only Combat-proven Active Protection System for armored platforms (heavy, medium and light weight vehicles). Trophy is the only operational, combat-proven armor APS in the world, installed on Israeli Merkava tanks and NAMER APC’s.

Remote-Controlled Weapon Stations
SAMSON RWS – Remote Weapon Station (RWS) Family, offered in six land configurations and two naval configurations (Typhoon and Mini-Typhoon Weapon Stations).

Drone Detection and Neutralization System:
DRONE DOME – The Drone Dome System is an innovative end-to-end system designed to provide effective airspace defense against hostile drones. Drone Dome has 360° circular coverage and is designed to detect, track, and neutralize drones either by jamming their communication or destroying them using a laser beam.