Proposal to Buy Pralay Ballistic Missiles for Army Cleared by Defence Ministry


New Delhi: The proposal of buying a regiment of Pralay tactical ballistic missiles for the Indian Army which can strike targets at 150–500 km has been cleared by the Defence Ministry.

Last December, the missile was successfully tested twice on two consecutive days, and the forces have been working towards its acquisition and induction ever since. The Pralay missiles are propelled by a solid-propellant rocket motor and other novel technologies.

According to a media report citing senior defence officials, it is the first time that a ballistic missile will be inducted into the services for conventional operations, according to senior defence officials.

Currently being mass produced, the Pralay missiles are expected to be ready for operational service soon, the officials added.

The acquisition of these missiles is part of a broader strategy to develop a strategic rocket force, a concept advocated by Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat, as per information. Recently, Navy chief Admiral R Hari Kumar had remarked that General Rawat had been working on the creation of a rocket force to counter enemies on the border.

The acquisition and induction of Pralay missiles are expected to provide a substantial boost to the Indian Army’s offensive capabilities.