PM Interacts with IAF Personnel, Says Nation Proud of Them

Indian Air Force


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 14 said the nation was proud of the Indian Air Force at an interaction with the service personnel in Kanpur.

He shared a group photograph with them taken at the Air Force Station in Kanpur on twitter and wrote, “Interacted with IAF pilots and other IAF personnel in Kanpur. India is proud of their outstanding service.”

The Prime Minister, who was in Kanpur, chaired the first meeting of the National Ganga Council.

The Council has been given overall responsibility for the superintendence of pollution prevention and rejuvenation of Ganga basin, including Ganga and its tributaries.

The first meeting of the Council was aimed at reinforcing the importance of a ‘Ganga-centric’ approach in all departments of the concerned states as well as relevant central ministries.