Orbit Communications Unveils AirTRx30 System, Enables High Quality In-Flight Connectivity

By Arie Egozi


Tel Aviv: Israeli company Orbit Communications has unveiled a system that enables aircraft to allow the passengers to conduct undisrupted voice and video communication from any point in the world.


The Orbit AirTRx30 aviation terminal uses the Viasat’s advanced Global Xpress satellites. According to the company, a series of recent tests have validated the next generation system’s remarkable ability to provide reliable and consistent high-speed connectivity.

Defence and civil executives often need to work without interruption, even during air travel. They depend on stable, in-flight broadband connectivity to provide voice, video, and data services wherever they are located.


Orbit’s stabilised VSAT antenna systems are ideal for delivering fast and cost-effective broadband communications to long-range business and commercial flights on super mid-size and large business jets. In addition, Orbit’s business aviation SATCOM systems are compact, RF efficient, lightweight, easy to install, and easy to maintain.

The AirTRx series SATCOM terminals can be installed on a wide range of fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. These SATCOM terminals support Ku and Ka Bands for GEO and NGSO operation.

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The AirTRx30 distinguishes itself with a compact design of two-line replaceable units, boasting a 12-inch antenna that weighs less than 22 pounds, and features the lowest power consumption in its class. Its parabolic shape design ensures optimal performance without compromise across all elevation angels down to the horizon as well as dual polarization capability to support the next generation of Viasat’s GX satellites.

The AirTRx-30’s MODMAN provides full installation flexibility as it supports both pressurised and unpressurised vessels, making it the ideal solution for business aviation, where space and efficiency are vital.


Daniel Eschar, CEO of Orbit Communications, said, “We are committed to providing the highest quality of in-flight connectivity to business aviation customers. Working in close partnership with Viasat, our AirTRx30 system delivers next-generation capabilities for data-intensive activities such as video streaming, live TV, conference calls, large file transfers, and countless other business applications. The results from our recent over-the-air tests have exceeded expectations and mark an important milestone towards the terminal entering commercial service later this year.”

Kai Tang, Head of Business Aviation at Viasat, added, “Viasat delivers the leading global solutions for fast, reliable and consistent in-flight connectivity in business aviation. We consistently stay ahead of customer demand by working with our partners on cutting-edge technology innovations and Orbit’s AirTRx30 terminal is yet another example of how our solutions are evolving to deliver even more enhanced capabilities, wherever and whenever our customers fly. We congratulate Orbit on the success of their recent testing, which brings the terminal a step closer to entry into service.”

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