Nir-Or Completes First Models Supply of Advanced Video System to IDF


Defence Industry


Tel Aviv: The IDF is equipping its armoured combat vehicles with very advanced video systems.

Nir-Or, a subsidiary of IMCO Industries has completed the first models’ supply of its advanced video system for the IDF’s Namer armoured personnel carriers (APC).  The company now moves to the next step, which includes the serial supply of the systems to the IDF. Later on, Nir-Or’s video systems will also be supplied for the IDF’s Eitan APC.

Nir-Or designs, develops, manufactures, and integrates innovative electronic systems and products for a vast range of military applications that maximize force lethality and survivability at land, air, and sea. Its advanced video system includes a Video PBX with several displays. This is a new generation of Nir-Or’s combat-proven video system, and the IDF is the first customer to receive it.

Nir-Or’s CEO, BG. (Ret.) Roy Riftin: “Nir-Or has been a trusted supplier of the IDF for many years, and we are honoured to announce that we have completed the delivery of the first models of our advanced video system to the IDF’s new Namer APC. Nir-Or’s line of solutions includes multi-dimensional Situational Awareness, AI-powered, Video systems for armoured vehichels (APCs / AFVs) and designated military platforms that maximize force lethality and survivability.”