MORE, Israel Unveils Low Swap SIGINT Payloads and Multi-Mission Integrated Electronic Intelligence and Electronic Warfare System


Defence Industry


Tel Aviv: Israeli company MORE has unveiled two new systems family that includes both Low Swap SIGINT Payloads and multi-mission integrated Electronic Intelligence and Electronic Warfare system.

The Electro-magnetic scenario encountered by Military Forces becomes dense and dynamic mixture of signals distributed over a wide frequency spectrum and geo-locations. It characterized by mix of electromagnetic sensor like RADARs, incorporating complex waveforms (FMCW, Barker, hopers, low power, etc.) for Low Portability of Interception (LPI) operation.

In addition, enemy communication links implements high complicity including Spread Spectrum and Frequency Hopping modulation techniques.

According to the company, the  systems provides the capability of electromagnetic activity surveillance for intelligence purposes in addition to the capabilities of building of the battlefield situational awareness of the hostile sensors that can threaten the platform or friendly forces and further to assist tactical assault forces in gaining rapid insertion, access and egress to and from objectives. It also allows for improved evaluation of tactical options and support efficiency and stealth, including remote operations and to develop enhanced target analysis.

The SIGINT payloads that includes the “Light Shield” and the “Wet Eyes”, are Low Swap payloads suitable for UAS Group 2 and 3 installation.

The payloads provide situational awareness and real-time creation of Electronic Order of Battle.

The covered received signals includes surveillance and navigation RADARs, and Communication links including drones video and remote control.

The systems provides full hostile emitters activities description.

The description includes all relevant parameters and internal modulation scheme. Hostile emitter’s directions and geolocations provided in a real time during the mission.

The applications includes Military and Home Land Security scenarios.

Military application may include Ground Force escort missions installed on UAS Group 2 platforms.

Naval concept is implemented by UAS Group 2 platform increasing dramatically the battlefield situational awareness of the naval platforms. The increased Line of Sight enables to detect the lethal threats especially sea skimming missiles in much earlier stages  providing critical time for activation of counter measures and maneuvers.

The highest priority of Military Forces is to obtain the stealth operational mode, but sometimes RF sensors and enemy communication means are subject to disruption.

“Compact Suit” is a multi-mission integrated Electronic Intelligence and Electronic Warfare system.

“Compact Suit” enables domination of a variety of operational scenarios, starting with low footprint deception of specific threats and selectively increasing impact up to intensive engagement of the entire arena.

The “Compact Suit” is an ideal solution for Air Launched Effect (ALE) concept. The system capable engaging multispectral Integrated Air Defense System simultaneously.

“Compact Suit” is designed for UAS Group 2 and 3 installations.

The system supports Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) operations in addition to state of the art Electronic Warfare capabilities that may use in various operational scenarios including Self Protection and Escort Jamming.