MoD to Procure Logistic Drones for Indian Army

Defence Industry

New Delhi: The Ministry of Defence, Government of India, intends to procure 570 Logistic Drones for the Indian Army. Two versions of Logistic Drones are envisaged i.e. Logistic Drones (Standard)(S) for deployment up to 12,000 ft. and Logistic Drones (High Altitude / HA) for deployment between 12,000 ft. and 18,000 ft.


Indian Army has sought Logistic Drones for carrying out logistic tasks towards Last Mile Delivery for forward troops deployed along the border areas with capability of operation in wind or gust condition, rain or snow etc. The mandatory characteristics are as follows. Each Logistic Drones should consist of one Aerial Vehicle (AV) per equipment, one Man Portable Ground Control Station (MPGCS), One Remote Video Terminal (RVT), One colour day video camera, Monochromatic Night Thermal Sensor and One set of spare battery, if applicable. The range of Weight Carrying Capability for the Drones, excluding colour day video camera, Monochromatic Night Thermal Sensors.