Milipol India 2023 Inaugurated by French Minister of State, Marks Confluence of International Security Expertise  

New Delhi plays host to the inaugural Indo-Pacific edition of the renowned Milipol series, bolstering global and regional cooperation in homeland security

Defence Industry

New Delhi – Milipol India, the latest entrant to the distinguished Milipol International Network, which focuses intently on internal security matters witnessed a grand opening on October 26, 2023 in New Delhi. The event being hosted in New Delhi’s Pragati Maidan saw a prestigious inauguration by Sabrina Agresti-Roubache, France’s Minister of State for Citizenship, with notable Indian government officials Atul Dulloo, Secretary (BM), Ministry of Home Affairs and Chandraker Bharti, AS (CIS & PM), Ministry of home affairs also in attendance.

A collaboration between InterAds Exhibition Private Limited, India, and Comexposium, France, brought this three-day exhibition to fruition, enjoying the patronage of the French Ministry of the Interior, alongside India’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). This global platform welcomed over 150 exhibitors from domestic and international spheres alongside various sponsors, creating a vibrant marketplace for the latest technological innovations, discussing industry needs, and showcasing emerging trends.

Sabrina Agresti-Roubache remarked, “Milipol India exemplifies the robust dialogue between France and India, particularly in homeland security, reflecting our mutual commitment to safeguarding our nations. It stands as a potent economic and strategic interface in the rapidly evolving global security market, offering comprehensive solutions to the complex challenges faced by States and corporate entities alike.”

Speaking at an inauguration event, France’s Minister of State for Citizenship, Sabrina expressed that the event reflects the determination of French President Emmanuel Macron to make the Indo-Pacific a priority with India. “This exhibition, which I have the honour of inaugurating alongside you, is a powerful symbol. The MILIPOL trade fairs are economic events with a strong international influence on an extremely dynamic global security market. It comes at a time when we are celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of Indo-French strategic partnership, for which Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a historic visit as a guest of honour on the national day of the French Republic,” she added.

The Milipol shows offer security solutions for businesses, the minister remarked. Elaborating further, she said, “they are at the forefront of the protection and security challenges of territories and their citizens. Today, we are delighted that this unique network of exhibitions, already established in Paris, Singapore and Doha, has found a home here in New Delhi.” Impressed by the response to Milipol India, Sabrina mentioned: “Due to the strength and dynamism of your business community, which immediately expressed interest in this new show. In fact, 95% of the exhibitors at the three-day exhibition are from the Indian business community.”

Thierry Mathou, Ambassador of France to India, emphasised the event’s significance in strengthening Indo-French ties in homeland security, acknowledging the increasingly important role of the Indo-Pacific region in these discussions. He commented, “Milipol India is a testament to our shared vision and collaborative efforts, aiming to address the security challenges of tomorrow.”

Participating nations, including Canada, the United States of America (USA), France, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Belgium, Brazil, Vietnam, and the Czech Republic, displayed their most recent technological advancements and innovative solutions. Under ‘Milipol India’, one can witness the global stage where international sellers and buyers can meet and network, unveil the latest technology, showcase new trends and discuss the needs of the industry, under one roof for all solutions.

Parallel conferences run by esteemed organisations such as the Delhi Police, Nepal Armed Police Force, Hyderabad Police, Bangladesh Police, Maldives Police, High French Institute of Security Research, Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO), Tihar Prison Delhi, NCB/Interpol/CBI, International Missions and Civil Defence promise insightful discussions on various security challenges, positioning Milipol India as a thought leader in advancing homeland security across the Indo-Pacific.

Milipol India’s inaugural show has undoubtedly captured the attention of the global security community, establishing a biennial event that promises to be a cornerstone of the international security calendar. The overwhelming support from the industry underscores the event’s significance, heralding a new era of global and regional cooperation in the critical domain of homeland security.

The seamless orchestration of Milipol India demonstrates the enduring strength of Indo-French relations while casting a spotlight on the Indo-Pacific, a region increasingly pivotal to global security discussions.

Rajan Sharma, Managing Director of Interads Exhibition, expressed his enthusiasm about the event’s potential impact, “Milipol India is more than just a marketplace; it is a global dialogue platform, fostering bilateral collaborations and offering exposure to the latest in defence and security technologies. We are grateful for the industry’s resounding support and are committed to making this inaugural event a resounding success.”