Let the Light Shine on India and the World!!


The world is currently experiencing an apocalyptic moment due to the pandemic COVID-19. The impact has been severe, widespread and has almost affected every sphere of the global order. Panic driven, the global response to tackle the pandemic crisis due to novel Coronavirus has been more like a reaction instead of approaching it proactively. Hence, uncertainty has made the fight to control and eliminate the pandemic more prolonged.

For India, already reeling under the pressure of economic slowdown, the pandemic crisis has hit it hard and the after effects of it will be experienced for a longer duration. Caught unaware and being sluggish in response initially, India has shown the resilience to fight back amid its inherent shortcomings on many counts. The collaborative efforts of the administration, armed forces, research organisations and industry in quick time helped India regain the control on sound footing and reaping the benefits while battling the pandemic. And, so far the result has been encouraging.

The overwhelming response from the people of India to PM Modi’s call showcased his political capital. One hopes that in near future, when India and the world hit the restart button, albeit slowly to surge again, the combined force of great leadership on top and the exceptional leadership on the frontline will bring in the much needed substantial measures. And these measures would set in motion the path to faster recovery, overcome the losses incurred during the existential crisis by a large section of the society and economy and finally emerge a winner.

Amid the current gloomy scenario and unprecedented pause in global development, it was heartening to observe Mother Earth’s positive vibration and the nature regaining its beauty once again. Fast forward, one will witness a brand new world emerge that works in unison to achieve humanitarian goals.

For India, it’s the perfect time to focus with intense depth, visualise the future, and prepare itself to overcome the pitfalls and shortcomings that have been derailing its potential growth story. It needs to explore the opportunities and scale up its economic strength along with its indigenous defence market and move ahead of competition. Post Covid-19, the revamped focus should be on expanding the indigenous defence market by creating diversified platforms for domestic requirement and exports, optimisation of dual technologies as well as innovations.

The newly formed defence corridors, well equipped with one-stop facilitation centres (with key role play from both DRDO and private sectors) can act as a catalyst. The Project 75 (I) can be the springboard to realise the self-reliance goal through implementation of a unique model (private public partnership) and set a benchmark. Similarly, there is a need to bring in fresh perspective and out-of-the-box thinking while taking a final call for the procurement of 114 fighter jets, 111 NUH helicopters and others to meet the armed forces’ requirements and position India as an emerging defence export hub.

Jai Hind!!.

Ajit Kumar Thakur
Editor & Business Director