Marking Milestones: Keel Laid for Four Coast Guard FPVs, GSL Integrated Stores Complex Inaugurated by Defence Secretary

Indian Navy

Panaji, Goa: Laying the keel of four Coast Guard Fast Patrol Vessels (FPVs) and the inaugurating the GSL Integrated Stores Complex at Goa Shipyard Limited on August 25, Defence Secretary Giridhar Aramane

lauded Goa Shipyard for its accomplishments, particularly the scale of indigenous collaboration with the Indian industry. He emphasised nurturing and developing the country’s shipbuilding industry, highlighting its historical significance. The Defence Secretary stressed the industry’s growing competitiveness and urged GSL’s employees and management to prioritise efficiency and competitiveness to maintain a leading edge.

The inauguration of the GSL Integrated Stores Complex signifies the culmination of GSL’s Modernisation Program, aimed at enhancing the yard’s capabilities. Keel laying serves as a pivotal milestone in the ship construction journey, signifying the official commencement of this process.

A product of Goa Shipyard Limited’s in-house design, the four Coast Guard FPVs will feature state-of-the-art machinery and advanced computerised control systems, positioning them as the most sophisticated Fast Patrol Vessels in the Indian Coast Guard fleet upon delivery. Crafted as medium-range surface vessels, the Fast Patrol Vessels are designed with a length of 51.43 meters, a breadth of 8 meters, and a draft of approximately 2.15 meters. With a crew complement of 42 (including 7 Officers and 35 Sailors), these vessels are powered by twin engines with a CPP arrangement, enabling a top speed of 27 Knots.

The vessels boast an endurance of 1500 nautical miles at cruising speeds of 12-14 Knots, with 25% reserve fuel. Weighing around 320 tons, they can operate in sea conditions up to sea state 4 and withstand conditions up to sea state 6, expected to serve for about 20 years. Additionally, they will serve as communication links and escorts for coastal convoys during hostilities and wartime.

Expressing gratitude to the Indian Coast Guard for their unwavering support, Brajesh Kumar Upadhyay, Chairman and Managing Director of GSL reaffirmed GSL’s commitment to meeting the requirements of the Maritime Defence Forces through indigenous shipbuilding.

Extending his congratulations to GSL’s officers and workers, DG Rakesh Pal of the Indian Coast Guard acknowledged their dedicated efforts. He conveyed optimism about GSL’s continuous pursuit of excellence and higher achievements in the future.

The keel laying ceremony saw the presence of esteemed individuals including DG Rakesh Pal, Director General of the Indian Coast Guard, Brajesh Kumar Upadhyay, Chairman and Managing Director of GSL, Jaspal Singh, Director General of Police for Goa, RAdm Ajay D Theophilus, Flag Officer Commanding Goa Area, and other prominent figures from the Indian Coast Guard and GSL.